Techno Soft Techosoft Company was established in 1992 as partnership from legal prospective and our specialties in system analysis & design, computer programming, networking and internet, the partnership is Eng.Ehab Ahmed Mahmoud Masoud

Why TechnoSoft ?
We know software. You know your business. Together, we can achieve great things. Count on us to be a reliable business partner—financially sound, globally connected and completely dedicated to your digital transformation.

Our Process.

Research and Analysis.
We study and analyze your project and make sure that we are on the same approach. After becoming all things clear as we move forward in design. And the systems analyst visualize entire components of the system to suit your project management covering all processes and activities and perception of the required reports to assist management in making all decisions.

Design and Development.
Our team of talented designers who design flexible and easy to input HD screens designed specifically to facilitate input operations taking into account all the perfections and requirements that ensure the safety input without compromising flexibility and speed. After approval of the design files here comes our developers to bind all the ingredients together. We employ only highly talented individuals who have the capacity for innovation and development in our industry.

When completing the development phase system is delivered to quality testing Department and follow up to make sure the system covers all required functions and ensure the absence of any formal or logical errors


To be a partner of choice in our focused area of expertise at global level by providing innovative, faster, reliable and profitable solutions to our clients.
To become an integrated IT Solution provider.
To be the first choice for optimizing and achieving operational excellence through IT enabled services.


Our mission is to deliver optimal solutions with top quality and best services at affordable prices. In Our Business Policy Customer satisfaction is given top priority. Our team is very friendly in dealings to the customers and it helps us to retain lifelong relationship with our existing clients and expand our customer circle. We always try to improve the quality of our products by exploring innovative ideas and new techniques. We always try to enhance efficiency, productivity and capability of businesses by delivering the services above & beyond industry values and customer expectations.


Software Development
Website Designing
Application Development
Custom Software Solution
Mobile APPlications
Web Applications


Focus on the client and all else will follow.
It’s best to do one thing really, really well.
Great just isn’t good enough.


Moustafa MahmoudCustomer service
Shady AhmedSenior Programmer
Omar FouadWeb Designer
Ehab Masoud General Manager
Ayman MekkawyManger
Ahmed EhabWeb Developer


Interior Ministry - the ceremony for police officers, the island's administration.
Holding company for drinking water Alexandria.
Nile Company for Land Transport.
Facility ambulance Alexandria.
Bata company to manufacture shoes.
Rakta Paper Manufacturing Company.
Coastal Research Institute.
Province of Menoufia - Alnmozjy system for the distribution of bread and bakery censorship (recipient of the State Award)

Faculty of Law, University of Alexandria .
- Student Affairs and businessman Alkntrul and examinations for students of BA
- Students Graduate Affairs.
- Administrative affairs, staff and system benefits and wages.

Faculty of Arts, University of Damanhur.
- Student Affairs and businessman Alkntrul and examinations for students of BA

Faculty of Commerce, University of Alexandria .
- Administrative affairs, staff and system benefits and wages.

Open Learning System (Open University).

International Education System (University of Beirut)
Faculty of Law - Faculty of Arts, "the traditional system."
Faculty of Commerce Arabic "the traditional system."
Faculty of Commerce English "system of credit hours."

School of victory Victoria College.
- Follow-up student records expenses
- bus lines
- accounts.

English School in Cairo.

Marina Shipping Agency.
Chipping Crow Land Navigation Company.
Company Blue Ocean wanted navigation.
Company or the F Shipping Agencies.
Marcom company wants Marine Services.
Aafjy Misr Company for Shipping Services

British company for hatching eggs.
El Taqwa Company for Poultry Production.

Radi tourist village.
Village Maryland (Mahalla major).
Grand Babylon Village (Mahalla major).
Village and hotel Africano.
Aqua Park.
Retail chain mule Mahalla, Mansoura and Cairo.
Retail chain Abu spring.
Retail chain confectioner Classic.
Retail chain confectioner Saber.
Restaurant & Cafe Maxim Palmamorh.
Balmax Zephyr Restaurant and Hotel Azur.
Food Restaurant Aahla Gulf.
Restaurant and Pizza Minouche.
Restaurant and Pizza Mito.
Shami Restaurant Food Syrian.
Factory and confectioner's shops Cookie Man.
Series Abu Rashid Syrian Restaurants

Egyptian company for the manufacture of gold and diamonds. EGYPT GOLD
Alex Agricultural Company (TMG)
Zahran Group companies of the industry (Alaa Zahran)
Zahran factories and household (Tefal)
Company International Chemical Park IICP. .
Egyptian British company to manufacture cars EBAM.
Suez Company for the production of polyester.
Egyptian German air company EGAT to address
Alex Copenhagen company for the production of meat and dairy.
Ray Film Production Company.
Abaco company for heavy equipment.
Company ISBX (Xerox).
Dot-com Solutions Inc. (Xerox).
Digi-Tek Corporation (Xerox).
Zarotik Corporation (Xerox).
Art Company Decor Imp.
Safa Company for import and export.
Company New Marina Plast.
Minas Plastic Industries.
Andalus company for the plastics industry.
Darwish children Plastics Company.
Ankojm Sweets Inc. (Chiklts).
Cadbury Chocolate and sweets.
Company U Tin paints.
Nile Company for drinks (Crash).
Alexandria Yarns Alzraar company.
National Company for the sewing machine.

Pelakaza company for the manufacture of furniture and furniture.
Zahran Company for furniture and decoration.
Deep Tex Furniture Company.
Hyper Wood Co. to import and trade of wood.
Sons Morsi company to import and trade of wood.
Abdel Aal small company to import and trade of wood.
Tilapia for importing and exporting wood company.
Taiba for the import and trade of wood.
Copper Company for the import and trade of wood.
Praise company to import and trade of wood.

Factory shops Aboul Einein (Ismailia)
Sugik company for the industry.
Rocky garment factory.
Brioni City Raml Station.
Brioni Jador stores
Sweet Girl stores.
Polo stores.
Flamengo. stores
Daddy Brioni stores.
MR Jeans stores.
Aktobos stores.
Egyptian Asttmart (El Hofy Group).

El Salama. International Hospital
Safwa eyes Hospital .
New Born stores (toys).
Shenawi stores(Mobile).
Marouf libraries.
Spider computer stores.
Norena Fish Trading Company.
Abu Atta Company for veterinary medicines. Kiromena Company for Pharmaceutical Trading


Our technology expertise empowers us to deliver software development services and solutions, which ensure your improved business efficiency.

We take great pride in being able to offer our most distinguished range of services, across various platforms. Being an integrated software solutions company, we take keen interest in all the existing as well as upcoming technologies, so as to ensure that our clients remain well ahead in the race.

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With Techno Soft you can navigate all the technologies and platforms available on the market to choose the right solution – our hands-on experience and expertise are fully at your service. Still, we don’t dictate anything. Quite vice versa: we are always attentive to all your requirements and wishes, including technological preferences. Because we do believe that only close cooperation with our customers can bring visible and effective results.


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